Fixtures Tips

Posted on September 15, 2008

1. How to add multiline text entries

Here’s the first working solution that came to mind, this would be very hard to maintain:

body: "
Hi this is the about section \n
My name is andro \n
this shoule be multiline \n

Until I found, this is probably the best solution I’ve found so far – just use a pipe!

body: |
Hi this is the about section
My name is andro
this shoule be multiline

2. How to change created_at to a previous date

Since Ruby on Rails 2.x created_at and updated_at are no longer needed. It takes the current timestamp upon loading the fixtures with the command

rake db:fixtures:load

This poses a problem since I wanted to have created_at dates that are past dates.

So i tried the old way of doing it:

created_at: <%= – 5.months %>

which doesn’t work. The new way of doing it is:

created_at: <%= 5.months.ago.to_s(:db) %>

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